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Are Romantic Relationships The Only Ones That Matter?

Ask anyone about what they think of relationships and their responses would probably have something or the other to do with romance and the like. The reason behind this is that our perception of relationships has made it so that we only think that romantic ones matter, with platonic relationships being far less important. This actually doesn’t have to be the case, and in many ways platonic relationships are just as important if not even more so than ones that involve any kind of romance or passion.

Friendships and camaraderie are really important aspects of the human experience. We are by nature social animals, and we have been forming close bonds since time immemorial. Romantic love as a concept is actually quite new, and it is a result of the fact that people were more comfortable in their lives and they did not have to choose their partners out of necessity.

The problem with just going for romantic relationships according to is that it places far too much pressure on your partner who would end up needing to deal with being the only person that you can turn to if you need someone.

Having friends means that you would have people to support you that you are not romantically involved with as well. This also makes it easier for these relationships to last since romance can often make things complicated and when you reduce how passionate you are about somebody you might just find it easier to accept them for who they are rather than trying really hard to turn them into who you want them to be. Don’t think that friendship is any less essential to living a happy life than romance.