If you live in someplace where it gets really cold, then it’s extremely important that you have warm clothes to wear during the winter. Well, that much is obvious but many women skip on the right footwear when it comes to cold winters. Basically, if you don’t own a good pair of snowshoes, then you won’t be making any snow angels without catching a cold each time. They say that if your feet are cold, you are cold and that’s really true.

You can save yourself from freezing by wearing warm clothes but if your feet aren’t protected, you’ll not only feel cold but you might even get flu. Now, stepping on the snow can be a lot of fun and we wouldn’t like for you to miss out on it just because you don’t have the right footwear for it. On this page, we’ll go through what you should look for when buying a pair of snow boots. If you need more specific pointers, there are many pages on the internet that list out a lot of cute but effective snowshoes for women, such as this one.

Water Proofing

When you’re walking through snow, you’re basically walking through water and your feet can get wet of your shoes let water in. You don’t want cold, wet feet during the winters, now do you?

Good Grip

Snow can be very slippery, so make sure that your shoes have a great grip on them. Some snowshoes even have hooks under them so you can walk through snow and not slip.

Ankle High Coverage

Your never know when you walk into deeper snow, so make sure that your boots are high enough to keep the snow out in case you need it.

silver necklace

To start with, it is considered the second choice after gold as a precious metal. Silver jewelry is usually way less expensive then Gold jewelry. Due to its uniform color, it is much more wearable with a wider array of fashion clothing. As we know that pure silver retains its sheen and does not lose the glitter overtime as does sterling silver which is mixed with various metals. Silver jewelry, especially necklaces are considered a first choice for people with longer necks. Gold jewelry on the other side is more preferable among people who have more saturated skin tones.

The advantages of having silver jewellery is that the metal itself is considered to have some health benefits due to its antimicrobial properties that make silver a good infection fighting agent. Another reason why silver is commonly worn in recent times is that there are smaller, elegant and more eloquent pieces of jewelry option available made with this metal at different famous brand jewelers. Usually, women prefer wearing smaller pendants or ear rings that go with a lot of different types of casual, formal and day to day routine outfits.

Sterling silver, the more stronger form of silver is usually preferred for rings, bracelets and other types of accessories for both men and women. Due to its robust and rigid properties sterling silver is considered a much better option than pure silver or even gold. The best thing however when it comes to silver jewelry is that it is so much adaptable and compatible with a vast variety of fashion ware. It looks elegant and very classy. In conjunction with precious stones, silver is used to create different beautiful pieces that are good for so many different occasions both formal and informal. To know what would be best suited for you, it is always best to visit a showroom next to you and look around.