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The wedding tends to be the flashiest part of your process of becoming a married man, but in spite of the fact that this is the case there is another aspect of your wedding that comes much later which you might just end up enjoying a lot more. This would be your honeymoon, and if you care at all about the kind of experience you and your new wife can have during your honeymoon you would find an amazing hotel that you can go to with her and enjoy your first few days of being a married couple.

If you don’t really know what hotel you should pick, we have a suggestion for you. This suggestion is the JW Marriott Marquis, a very elegant hotel that you would love staying at. TravelCodex does a good job at explaining why this hotel is so amazing, but to put it plainly it gives you a really luxurious stay that you are going to want to experience time and time again. Most of the guests that stay here never want to leave since they are going to feel like this is something that they would want to experience for the rest of their lives.

You will be amazed at just how courteous the staff at this hotel tends to be, as well as the emphasis that they place on respecting all guests regardless of their background. You and your new wife are going to feel right at home here, and your experience at other locations would end up being a lot more fun as well since you would know that you have an amazing hotel that you can go back to and relax.

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Many hotels who claim to be luxury hotels sometimes miss the most basic features in their rooms. There are lots of problems and missing features tourists and other people staying in some luxury hotels report missing.

So, to save you from disappointment, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important features a luxury hotel room should have. If you’re looking for good luxury hotels in San Marcos, you can visit

Here is the list of features you should look for whenever you’re thinking of choosing a luxury hotel.

Power Outlets Near The Bed

One of the most annoying things about cheap hotel rooms is that they put zero thought in designing their rooms. There usually aren’t any outlets near the bed, and guests have to charge their mobile phones from the bathroom outlets.

But this isn’t the case with luxury hotel rooms. They know that everyone has a mobile phone to charge at the end of the day, so, they put a power outlet by the bed in every room.

Enough Storage

Since hotels are used by travelers, the management knows that their guests will have are bags full of clothes and other items that they’d like to put away. Bathroom of a luxury hotel room must also have storage apace available. Lack of storage can cause a complete mess in your hotel room. So, inquire about available storage space when booking a luxury hotel room.

Multiple Towels

This is also an overlooked luxury feature of any luxury hotel room. Having more than one towel in your hotel room will help you use another towel when the first one won’t dry before next use.

These were some of the must have features for any luxury hotel room you should look for whenever booking one for yourself.

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You have probably already heard all about Kolkata and the amazing benefits it can provide to tourists that venture out there after having contacted travel company Kolkata. All of that is well and good, but you are going to be spending your hard earned money on this vacation which means that figuring out what you are going to do when you get there is important. Lists that talk about the best things to do are all over the place, and choosing one thing to do on a particular day can be a nightmare when you are being bombarded with such a wide range of highly diverse suggestions.

Kolkata is known for a lot of things, but one of the more enjoyable aspects of the city has got to be its flower market. In fact, the flower market that you can find at Malik Ghat is actually the single biggest flower market in the entire world! You might be thinking at this point that going to a flower market really doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that you would want to do once you are in that city. After all, how much fun could looking at flowers all day even be?

The truth of the situation is that when you go to the flower market you are probably going to be amazed at how much variety there is to find over there. You would probably end up seeing flowers that you had never thought existed before, and eventually a point will come where you will realize that you can spend not just one day but several days marveling at the beauty of nature that has somehow managed to find its way into a sprawling city.


Two-thirds of tourists worldwide are more likely to make their excursion trips during summertime, as it gives them full access to different terrains and sites without having to deal with adverseness of the local climate. It is also a traditional traveling time during which you can travel with a large group of friends and family members, as most of them receive paid leaves from their workplaces. During a couple retreat things are more controllable, as you only have to manage expenses for two individuals, but when you are traveling with a large number of people you need to look at things from different angles and perspective.

Professionally-guided rafting trips can offer the most extraordinary thrilling and adrenaline-inducing experience to you and your family members. If your spouse and your kids know how to swim in deep water, then you can consider the idea of taking them to a rafting site during preferable weather conditions when the current of water is not too violent. Despite the fact that you would be provided swimming life jackets, you should still ensure that they have efficient rescue team that can quickly prevent the participants from downing in the cold river water. There are a few things that can get tricky when you are on a vacation with your family, and make sure to click here to learn more about it.

If you have always been fascinated by agriculture lifestyle, then you can go for the opportunity of feeling integrated with the nature by staying overnight at a farm or local village. Your children would be able to taste high-quality organic dairy food items, such as eggs and milk. You would also get to taste seasonal fruits directly from the field of crops and plants.

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Forrest of one of the best theatres in Philadelphia to enjoy shows like Hamilton and Spongebob (make sure to check out the view Forrest Theatre events calendar regularly because the tickets sell really fast). The tickets sell both online and on the box office well before the shows, and fans are always trying their best to arrive on time.

If you’re one of such people who live to enjoy live theater, you’ll know that eating before a show is a must to help you enjoy the show uninterrupted afterwards. But what places are the best for eating before a special show? Well, in this article, we’ll cover some of the most visited eating places in Philadelphia.

Square 1682

Square 1682 is only at a walking distance of 20 minutes or so from the theatre. The hotel offers an exclusive menu designed specifically for the upcoming shows. For example, in addition to the traditional dishes and desserts that the restaurateur offers, they also have some Hamilton themed food to attract more customers.

Ocean Prime

This one is only 5-10 minutes away from the theatre. You can enjoy a wide array of pre-theatre themed meals here. As the name suggests, the restaurant mostly serves seafood. They also provide a special price for the pre-theatre diners.

Creative names of their dishes are also to symbolize different characters in the show.


This restaurant is just adjacent to the theatre. It is primarily a Spanish restaurant and they offer huge discounts on pre-theatre menu just before a show. The menu and discounts are available for a limited amount of time, so, make sure you arrive here timely. The restaurant is jam packed before every major show.

These were some of the best restaurants to visit before watching a show in the Forrest Theatre.

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City known to be receiving millions of tourists around the year it is a very busy City full of life and vivid cultures. Being the capital of Turkey,   Istanbul is known for a lot of different attractions for tourists.  one of the best things about the city of Istanbul is that it has so many different options when it comes to staying in a hotel you can choose from any of the famous brands which were known internationally like Ritz-Carlton the Holiday Inn or the Sheraton, but in case you are on a budget you can still find a decent place to stay there are so many families in Istanbul there are running private guest houses which are providing home like experience to the tourist.

Among other things Turkey is known to have the finest cuisines of in the world.  from the different times the rulers of Turkey to create interest in doing a lot of development not only to the city but also towards the culture The Heritage and also the cuisine and tastes of Turkey. One of the advantages Istanbul vacation has over other developed cities of the world is that it has different variations in weather and climate changes which are not only good for the people who live there but also for the different species of animals livestock plants sea foods and vegetation. you can find fruits that are available all year long especially in Turkey. Another great benefit the Turkey has over other Nations is that is considered to be the link between Asia and Europe due to which there is a lot of trade happening in Turkey which makes it a great place to live and to plan your life but even if you were visiting Turkey as a tourist you will not be disappointed there is simply a lot of things to do in a lot of places to visit in a lot of different cultures to enjoy and food to eat.