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Every Luxury Hotel Room Must Have These Features

Many hotels who claim to be luxury hotels sometimes miss the most basic features in their rooms. There are lots of problems and missing features tourists and other people staying in some luxury hotels report missing.

So, to save you from disappointment, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important features a luxury hotel room should have. If you’re looking for good luxury hotels in San Marcos, you can visit

Here is the list of features you should look for whenever you’re thinking of choosing a luxury hotel.

Power Outlets Near The Bed

One of the most annoying things about cheap hotel rooms is that they put zero thought in designing their rooms. There usually aren’t any outlets near the bed, and guests have to charge their mobile phones from the bathroom outlets.

But this isn’t the case with luxury hotel rooms. They know that everyone has a mobile phone to charge at the end of the day, so, they put a power outlet by the bed in every room.

Enough Storage

Since hotels are used by travelers, the management knows that their guests will have are bags full of clothes and other items that they’d like to put away. Bathroom of a luxury hotel room must also have storage apace available. Lack of storage can cause a complete mess in your hotel room. So, inquire about available storage space when booking a luxury hotel room.

Multiple Towels

This is also an overlooked luxury feature of any luxury hotel room. Having more than one towel in your hotel room will help you use another towel when the first one won’t dry before next use.

These were some of the must have features for any luxury hotel room you should look for whenever booking one for yourself.