us citizen travel to istanbul

Istanbul – A Perfect Holiday Destination 

City known to be receiving millions of tourists around the year it is a very busy City full of life and vivid cultures. Being the capital of Turkey,   Istanbul is known for a lot of different attractions for tourists.  one of the best things about the city of Istanbul is that it has so many different options when it comes to staying in a hotel you can choose from any of the famous brands which were known internationally like Ritz-Carlton the Holiday Inn or the Sheraton, but in case you are on a budget you can still find a decent place to stay there are so many families in Istanbul there are running private guest houses which are providing home like experience to the tourist.

Among other things Turkey is known to have the finest cuisines of in the world.  from the different times the rulers of Turkey to create interest in doing a lot of development not only to the city but also towards the culture The Heritage and also the cuisine and tastes of Turkey. One of the advantages Istanbul vacation has over other developed cities of the world is that it has different variations in weather and climate changes which are not only good for the people who live there but also for the different species of animals livestock plants sea foods and vegetation. you can find fruits that are available all year long especially in Turkey. Another great benefit the Turkey has over other Nations is that is considered to be the link between Asia and Europe due to which there is a lot of trade happening in Turkey which makes it a great place to live and to plan your life but even if you were visiting Turkey as a tourist you will not be disappointed there is simply a lot of things to do in a lot of places to visit in a lot of different cultures to enjoy and food to eat.