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Tips to Help You Save Money on Bathroom Remodels

While many homeowners want to do a bathroom remodeling to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing, they don’t to spend too much on projects like these.

So, if you want to do a bathroom remodeling without spending a lot of money, you can follow the below mentioned tips.

Make a Plan Before Starting

Hiring an architect might seem like an extra expense right from the very start. But you can rest assured that this is money well spent. Professionals can also provide you with an accurate price estimate, timeline and every other details of the project. This way, they can save you from making expensive errors. This is how hiring a professional is always a good idea.

Do Not Mess With Plumbing

If you really want to save money in bathroom and ensuite renovations, you should avoid messing with plumbing. Even if you must change one or two things, try to use the existing pipes and plumbing fixtures, as this will save you a lot of money.

Changing any major plumbing fixture in your bathroom, like the toilet or shower can easily cost you thousands of dollars. So, avoiding this is an easy way of saving money.

Add a Frame to Your Mirror

Another cheap bathroom upgrade you can make is adding frame to your existing bathroom mirror and not buying a new one. Frame can help reduce age related wear on the mirror, and can save you some bucks by avoiding a new purchase.

You should use a frame that matches the overall theme of your bathroom to give your bathroom a more updated look.

Update The Toilet Instead of Replacing It

Replacing the whole toilet in the remodeling project can cost you a lot, so, instead of replacing the whole toilet, you should change the seat and lid.