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What Causes OCD

Mental illnesses are usually lumped into two categories, namely depressive and anxiety disorders. The thing is, ailments and maladies that can afflict the human mind are usually a lot more complicated than this crude bifurcation would have you believe. Suffice it to say that there are some truly inexplicable mental diseases that millions suffer from as well, with obsessive compulsive disorder being just one of them. OCD involves a lot of anxiety, but that is just one of its symptoms so equating it to generalized anxiety disorder or other disorders in its category will strip it of a lot of nuance at the end of the day.

The general overview of someone that is suffering from OCD is that they tend to have obsessive compulsive thought patterns that they can’t escape from. This can often manifest as obsessively cleaning, but there are decidedly more harmful things that this can lead to as well such as self harm. You should check out stopocdanxiety if you or someone you love is obsessive compulsive because of the fact that they can provide you with some useful coping strategies.

The truly scary thing about OCD is that many people don’t know they have it. They might incessantly crack their knuckles to the point where they get arthritis, or they might not be able to stop themselves from picking at their skin which is referred to as excoriation. Whatever your symptoms are, there are a lot of ways in which you can get help, and the first step is to recognize that you are suffering from an illness and that it is in no way your own fault but rather it is the byproduct of genetics and environmental factors.