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What is a Home Builder Responsible For?

The responsibilities of home builders can be quite expansive, since there is a pretty good chance that any mistakes they make could cause injury and potentially even loss of human life. Understanding what any home builder you hire is responsible for can be a great way to ensure that you get the right kind of service from them, and that goes beyond the construction process itself. This is because of the fact that builders will continue to be liable for certain things long after the house has been built, and this covers several things that they should have been confident about previously.

One of the several things that your new construction broker is supposed to take care of is the electrical system in your house. The truth of the situation is that virtually any utility that you intend to use such as electricity, water and gas will be their responsibility to not just create but also maintain for a good ten years. Anything that occurred due to a mistake they made will be essential for them to fix based on the contract that the two of you signed.

However, the fact of the matter is that there are some limitations to what responsibilities you can hold home builders responsible for. They are not required to find you land for example, so if your home gets damaged due to poor land quality they might not be willing to make any repairs without charging you. That’s why you should choose the plot of land you will build your home on quite carefully because failing to do so can void your warranty and cause you a lot of finance related hardships.