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What is The Best Way to Clean Rug?

In order to clean your area rugs properly, you must learn the right methods of cleaning. With the help of proper techniques and chemicals, you can avoid hiring an expert and try to clean your area rugs by yourself.

While hiring a professional for rug cleaning near me is highly recommended, you can still attend to clean your rugs by yourself.

Let’s go through a few important steps you will need to take into consideration in order to clean your area rugs properly.

Pick an Outdoor Location

You should preferably wash and clean your rugs in the summertime. That is because the weather forecast is clear in the summer season, and the sunny outdoors would help in drying your area rug faster. Moreover, instead of relying on a close line, you should find a good support system, which can easily bear the weight of a wet, heavy area rug. For example, you can use bungee cords, tables and walls to support your area rug while it is being cleaned.

Vacuum First

Before starting to wash your area rug to clean it properly, you should first vacuum it properly. Remove every bit of dust you can by using your household vacuum cleaner. After cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, you can also use a broom stick to hit the area rug and knock any remaining dust out of it. However, avoid hitting the rug too hard as it might damage it’s fibers.

Apply Cleaning Accessories

After putting the area rug in a sunny place and getting most of the dust out of it, you should now test the chemicals or shampoo you are going to use on the rug in a small area. If the rug survives the chemical, you can wet the rest of the rag and start applying the chemical on it.

After applying the solution, let it sit for some time before washing it and letting it dry in the sun.