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Why Does Carpet Smell Worse After Cleaning?

Sometimes when you pay for something that you were hoping might bring a bit of positivity into your life, it can be downright heartbreaking to realize that it didn’t just fail to live up to your reasonable expectations but it actually went so far as to make matters worse once all has been said and is now out of the way. We can think of no better example for this than carpet cleaning, and suffice it to say that you aren’t alone if you think that your carpet smells worse after cleaning instead of smelling better which should be the logical outcome that actually occurs out here in the real world.

Instead of panicking and making complaints, try to bear in mind that even the best carpet cleaning can’t stop your carpet from smelling bad if you don’t first work towards drying it out to the fullest extent that it requires. The reason behind this is that the bad smell comes from tiny little creatures that will make a home of themselves in the fiber of your rug, and that can make it harder for you to enjoy using it than might have been the case otherwise.

Hence, if you didn’t focus enough on drying the carpet as much as it needed to be dried, you can’t really expect it to smell good. After all, microorganisms will eager set up shop in a wet rug, and even if it is only slightly damp this is usually enough to give them something that they can settle into. Being proactive about rug drying after cleaning is a great way to prevent the bad smells from becoming obstacles in your life.