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You Must Avoid These Nursing Home Abuse Claim Filing Mistakes

Knowing that an elderly relative living in a nursing home is being abused or mistreated is heartbreaking. You can file a nursing home abuse claim to get justice and a reasonable compensation to recover the damages incurred due to the negligence of the nursing home.

Many people make critical mistakes when filing a nursing home abuse claim. These are some of the biggest problems that you must avoid in order to make your claim stronger.

Not Considering Verbal Abuse

The staff members working homes have a strict schedule and a hard job to do every day. That is why you might exclude verbal abuse by simply thinking that the nurse is just having a bad day, or is overworked. However, verbal abuse is often accompanied with physical abuse, medicine theft, and financial exploitation as well. That is why if your loved one is being verbally abused, you should immediately take some steps to investigate further into the matter.

Believing Strange Excuses For Physical Injuries

The abuse at nursing homes usually stays undiscovered for quite some time before it is unveiled. The main reason behind this is that the elderly people are afraid of retaliation, or are just embarrassed to unveil the truth. So, if your lived one is giving you strange excuses for physical injuries, you should use common sense and hire a nursing home malpractice lawyer near me right away to further investigate the matter.

Not Taking Pictures of Injuries

You might not even think of taking pictures of injuries when your loved one is suffering from pain. However, pictures if the physical injuries can prove to be helpful in a nursing home abuse claim. You can keep taking more pictures of the injuries as they keep healing over time. You can also consult your lawyer and see how you can make those injuries count in the overall claim.